December 8th, 2008 admin

After a couple of months pouring over the contact sheets (and having a baby in between), I’ve got my edit down to roughly 250 photographs, which I’m now scanning. At this stage I’ve got a pretty good idea of the best fifty, but by scanning a larger edit I’m able to spend more time with each photograph (as well as see them at a much better resolution than on a contact sheet). I find this process very valuable in validating my edit. Once scanned, I’ll then produce some test prints and start playing with layouts. Chris Boot will also assist in the editing process to help whittle the photographs down to a much tighter number for the book.


  1. Hi Simon,
    Pleased to hear of your progress on editing for the book. I would be interested how much of the selection process you do on screen and how much by viewing prints, in this case, how large you feel you need prints to be. I can see the similarities of “standing back” in your work and that style used in “Heimat”.

  2. Hi Brian
    I do most of the editing from contact prints I make (10×8″) from the scans. Not much of the editing is done on screen, except that I can blow the photographs up in photoshop to check all the detail in the image.

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