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During the course of Simon’s journey around England members of the public were invited to post ideas of events and leisure pursuits that he could photograph, thereby positioning him alongside his fellow countrymen and attempting to involve the ‘English', to a certain degree, in their own representation. The ideas that were posted provide an interesting snapshot of the country in 2008 and work alongside Simon’s photographs. They illustrate what's important to people and explore their own thoughts on notions of Englishness.

You can read all the ideas below or download a pdf here

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April 07, 2008 - 10:25 AM
Clive Egginton -

Hi Simon

you kind of touched on it in your introduction, walking in the rain in the Lake district. We are supposedly obsessed by the weather therefore, how about a series on weathermen or weatherstations. We as an island also have the shipping forecast which is a national institution.

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