May 22nd, 2008 admin

Yesterday I was in Weston-Super-Mare photographing a lawn bowls match at Clarence Bowling Club. Having commented on what a plush club house they had, I was told the story of Les Andrews.

Les was a life-long member of the Clarence Bowls Club, having bowled there for 52 years. He was a keen bowler, although in his latter years he would often be seen sitting up at the bar enjoying a drink with other older members of the club. A humble man, he lived in a modest flat in Weston. He didn’t own a car and rarely went on holiday. After his death a few years ago the trustees were shocked to discover he’d left the club £500,000 in his will (with the remaining £500,000 of his estate going to the National Trust). Which was slightly fortuatous as they’d just failed in a bid to secure National Lottery funding (bowling is not deemed ethnically diverse enough). And so was built the Les Andrews Club House. 

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