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I’m back at my desk after a couple of weeks on the road and now returning to my editing. One of the joys of this stage of the project is discovering themes in your work that you weren’t necessarily aware of while producing it. For instance, looking through my initial edit of photographs I can’t help notice how notions of boundaries re-appears throughout the work. How the photographs, somewhat inadvertently, are exploring the relationships between people and place against the understated drama of geographical boundaries. For instance, the physical landscapes are shot through with rivers, trees, hedges that create physical divisions, just as the people themselves create their own personalised environments as they attempt to express their own sense of identity by colonising the spaces around them.  Moreover, many of the leisure activities I photographed often occurr at boundary points: the edge of cities, next to lakes and reservoirs, alongside footpaths and mountain ridges.

Here are a few examples-


Bank End Farm Fishery, Blaxton, Lincolnshire, 5th January 2008


Woolacombe beach, Devon, 23rd May 2008


Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, 16th May 2008


Westward Ho, Devon, 24th May 2008


River Thames, Oxford, 28th June 2008


Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire, 12th May 2008

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