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It was Nobel Prize-winning American author, William Faulkner who said it first: Kill your darlings.

The term is used by authors to describe how you should cut to the chase and have the courage to get rid of the elements that you love so much yourself, but that don’t really add anything to the whole – or, even worse, actually weaken it.

So this weekend, with the help of Chris Boot, I attempted to kill my darlings. I’ve now got the edit down to 54 pictures (from about 90 in my last post). It was a painful but valuable experience having created, in my opinion, a stronger book.

ps. It’s also the title of a track by the Swedish band Tony Clifton. Watch their video here-


  1. Hey Simon – I liked your blog entry and thanks for acknowledging my dissertation I’m glad it helped unravelling your own thoughts on Romanticism and Beauty. I have curated a group show coming up at Crane Kalman Gallery ‘New Landscape’ 18th – 31st May which will be a selection of Landscape work that is exploring this new concept of beauty – the beauty seen within the uncomfortable. Would be great to catch up for that coffee soon, just let me know when you are around..

    Take Care

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