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Staying on the theme of films (see my last post), here are some of my favourite England-related movies, in no particular order.

KES by Ken Loach (1969)

WITHNAIL & I by Bruce Robinson (1986)

MY BEAUTIFUL LAUNDRETTE by Stephen Frears (1985)

A ROOM FOR ROMEO BRASS or THIS IS ENGLAND by Shane Meadows (1999 & 2006)

O DREAMLAND or IF… – Lindsay Anderson (1956 & 1968)

LAST RESORT or MY SUMMER OF LOVE by Pawel Pawlikowski (2000 & 2004)

ROBINSON IN SPACE by Patrick Keiller (1997)

RADIO ON by Christopher Petit (1979)

CARRY ON CAMPING by Gerald Thomas (1969)

BHAJI ON THE BEACH by Gurinder Chadha (1997)

GALLIVANT by Andrew Kotting (1996)

SECRETS & LIES by Mike Leight (1996)

If there are any you haven’t seen, why not check one or two out over the Christmas break? Rather than a re-run of The Great Escape or Gold Finger! Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    the beat must die!

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