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My We English blog is coming to an end. Since its inception two years ago, and 333 posts later, the aim is that it’s become a kind of archive, a diary, tracing its own trail of ideas, debates, questions and insights. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

I’ll leave you with links to a selection of the more informative blog entries, alongside some of my favourites, posted since April 2008 (in chronological order):

Ebony 45S (April 8th 2008)

Tony Ray-Jones (April 16th 2008)

A Page From My Scrap and Some More Pages From My Scrapbook (April 30th 2008)

Not In My Backyard (May 21st 2008)

The Art of Leisure (June 6th 2008)

The Turner Effect (June 27th 2008)

Landscape As Contested Place (June 30th 2008)

The Breakfast Routine (July 21st 2008)

Blackpool & The Humble Postcard (July 26th 2008)

One Man’s Leisure, Another Man’s Work (August 18th 2008)

Daddy, That Man’s Naked! (August 26th 2008)

Editing (September 30th 2008)

The Photographer Photographed (October 24th 2008)

Whose Idea? (October 31st 2008)

Underwhelmed By Parr (November 3rd 2008)

Easy Rider Series (Various Dates)

Contested Countryside (January 16th 2009)

1500-250-80 (March 12th 2009)

This Meagre Nature – Romanticism vs Beauty (March 19th 2009)

John Angerson Interview (May 26th 2009)

The Verona Diaries (Various Dates)

Butlins Reborn (August 19th 2009)

We English & The Big Book Of Breasts (October 27th 2009)

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