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I’ve just received an email from James Tribble and Tracey Mancenido, married photo collaborators, who are six months into their year’s journey traveling around the US exploring the lifestyle and culture surrounding the trucking industry. A year on the road in their own rig, now that’s dedication. Good luck guys and I look forward to seeing the results.

For now, you can follow their progress over on their blog.

Here’s their most recent posting from Saturday, November 22, 2008:

“So far…….

… we have driven tens of thousands of miles and consumed almost as much in fuel to watch the seasons change through our windshield. We have seen gas prices reach record highs of $5/gallon now plummeting well below $2. We drove through hurricanes Edouard and Ike and found ourselves working with FEMA who seemed to have learned their lesson after Katrina. We listened on the radio as the mortgage crisis became a world economic disaster. We sent out absentee ballots holding our breaths as we drove across this vast landscape confronted with ignorance, racism, and poverty. Our belief in the American people strengthened as for the first time in our lives have we truly felt proud to be an American. We live vicariously through satellite radio and occasions of broadcast television. We experienced a loss at a difficult time in our family with a 22hr drive straight home from wherever we were.
The infinite open of the road makes us feel like we are watching the world pass before our eyes. Our days blend into nights no longer identified with words and numbers. The fall is now winter conjuring feelings of unease to the thought of rubber and snow.

Much has happened since we left the comforts of the life we once had and are soon to rejoin. We look forward and can’t imagine what will happen on the second half of this wandering and appreciate every moment we have to experience and capture it all. Then the real fun part begins: editing!”

And they’ve been kind enough to send me a few pictures from the road-

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