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Since it’s release in October 2009 there have been several reviews of We English. Here is a bibliography of the views to date with links to the associated websites or a pdf to download. This list will be periodically updated:

We English reviews & press-

The Saturday Telegraph, “Voyage in search of England,” March 06 2010, Davies, Lucy. (online)

Source, “Away from the shopping centre,” Winter 2009/2010 – Issue 61, Fletcher, Jane. (pdf)

Photo-Eye Magazine, “We English Book Review,” January 18 2010, Bradley, Sarah. (online | pdf)

Ag – The International Journal of Photographic Art & Practice, “Green and pleasant land,” Issue 58/Winter 2010, Badger, Gerry. (pdf)

Visura Magazine, “We English: Simon Roberts,” Issue 07/Spring 2010. (online | pdf)

Photo-Eye Magazine, “The Best Books of 2009,” (We English selected), December 31 2009. (online | pdf)

The Telegraph, “Photographer Q&A with Simon Roberts,” January 07 2010, Davies, Lucy. (online | pdf)

Lens Culture, “Photography as Visual Anthropology in Russia and England,” (video interview), 30th December 2009. (online | pdf)

The Guardian, “Something old, something new: the year’s best photography books,” December 28 2009, O’Hagan, Sean. (online | pdf)

The Sunday Telegraph, “Pictures of the Year: The Photographers’ Choice,” December 27 2009, Parr, Martin. (online | pdf)

The Arts Desk, “Photography 2009: Favourite Books,” December 23 2009, Steward, Sue. (online | pdf)

The Wall Street Journal, “Lenses on the World,” December 12 2009, Woodward, Richard. (online | pdf)

The Guardian, “Christmas Roundup: Photography Books,” December 12 2009, Hone, Prudence. (pdf)

New Statesman, “Picture Book of The Week – We English,” December 07 2009, McClelland, Rebecca. (pdf)

Digital Camera, “Documentary landscape photographer Simon Roberts,” December 2009, Harris, Geoff. (pdf)

Professional Photographer, “We English at South Hill Park,” December 2009. (pdf)

GUP – Guide to Unique Photography, “A Growing Optimism,” 022: The Russia Issue/Winter 2009, Lempers, Shinta. (pdf)

Fotograf, “Portfolio – Man and His Land,” Number 13, Volume 8/2009, Kubacakova, Marketa. (pdf)

Royal Photographic Society Journal, “A place called home,” Volume 149/December 2009, Land, David. (pdf)

The Drawbridge, “First Love,” Issue 15/ Winter 2009, Simpson, Millie. (online | pdf)

The Online Photographer, “An Interview with Simon Roberts,” November 20 2009, McWhinnie, Ailsa. (online | pdf)

The British Journal of Photography, “Now the time returns again,” November 18 2009, Hamilton, Peter. (online | pdf)

Newsweek Japan, “Picture Power – We English,” November 11 2009, Kataoka, Hideko. (online | pdf)

Coast Magazine, “Beach Reads – We English,” Issue 44/November 2009, Gogerty, Clare. (pdf)

Hotshoe International, “Hot Books – We English,” October/November 2009, Clifford, Katie. (pdf)

ARTmostfierce, “We English @ Klompching Gallery,” 7th October 2009, Natal-San Miguel, Ruben. (online | pdf)

Conscientious, “Review: We English by Simon Roberts,” October 30 2009, Colberg, Joerg. (online | pdf)

Blue Filter, “Book Review: Simon Roberts – We English,” October 20 2009, Cockerham, Michael. (online | pdf)

The New Yorker, “Goings on about town,” October 26 2009, Aletti, Vince. (online | pdf)

Time Out London, “We English: Book Review – 4 Stars,” October 22 2009, Moss, Chris. (pdf)

NRC Weekblad, “Een Laatste Toevluchtsoord,” October 10 2009, Steketee, Hans. (pdf)

The Independent on Sunday, “Book Review: We English,” October 04 2009. (pdf)

Flak Photo, “Weekend Series – We English,” October 03 2009, Adams, Andy. (pdf)

BBC News Online – Viewfinder, “The English at Leisure,” October 01 2009, Coomes, Phil. (online | pdf)

The Independent, “This is England,” October 01 2009, Duguid, Hannah. (online | pdf)

Creative Review, “Landscape as Portrait,” The Photography Annual/October 2009. (pdf)

1000 Words, “Book Review: We English,” Fall 2009/Issue 06, Clark, Tim. (online | pdf)

Montage, “Under Review: We English,” Issue 119/Autumn 2009, Korchien, Diana. (pdf)

Ahorn Magazine, “Simon Roberts – We English,” Issue 4/Fall 2009. (online | pdf)

Professional Photographer, “We English by Simon Roberts,” September 29 2009. (online | pdf)

Photo District News, “Photo of the day,” September 25 2009, Ching, Darren. (online | pdf)

Design Week, “We happy few,” September 17 2009, Stones, John. (online | pdf)

Foto 8, “Simon Roberts on We English,” September 14 2009, Lane, Guy. (online | pdf)

ARTmostfierce, “The Most Happening Shows in NYC so far are…,” September 12 2009, Natal-San Miguel, Ruben. (online | pdf)

What’s the Jackanory?, “Mad dogs and Englishmen,” (Video interview), September 10 2009. (online)

Photo Radar, “We English documents the nation at leisure,” September 08 2009, Davies, Amy. (online | pdf)

Eluxury, “Full English Snap-fest,” September 04 2009, Ledger, Stephen. (pdf)

Lens Culture, “Photo Book Review – We English,” September 2009, Casper, Jim. (online | pdf)

Go See, “We English – from personal identity to the beauty of banality,” Issue 38/September 2009, Schmidz, Frank. (online | pdf)

DU – Das Kulturmagazin, “Der schone Alltag,” Issue 799/September 2009. (pdf)

Noorderlicht 16, “Human Conditions,” (Festival catalogue), September 2009, Melis, Wim. (online | pdf)

Ag – The International Journal of Photographic Art & Practice, “The English at Play,” Issue 57/Autumn 2009, Dickie, Chris. (pdf)

Reciprocity Failure, August 2009 (online | pdf)

Guardian Weekend, “Homeland Security,” August 22 2009. (online | pdf)

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