September 1st, 2009 admin

The Richard Long exhibition ‘Heaven and Earth’ at Tate Britain ends this Sunday (6th September), I highly recommend seeing it.

Picture 1

Dusty Boots Line Sahara 1988. Private collection © Richard Long

“This major exhibition is Richard Long’s first survey in London for eighteen years and is a unique opportunity to understand afresh the artist’s radical rethinking of the relationship between art and landscape. Long’s work comes from his love of nature and through the experience of making solitary walks. These take him through rural and remote areas in Britain, or as far afield as the plains of Canada, Mongolia and Bolivia. Long never makes significant alterations to the landscapes he passes through. Instead he marks the ground or adjusts the natural features of a place by up-ending stones for example, or making simple traces. He usually works in the landscape but sometimes uses natural materials in the gallery. His work explores relationships between time, distance, geography, measurement and movement.”

You can watch an interactive film about Long’s exhibition here.

Read a review of the exhibition by The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones here.

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